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    Bust Through Weightlifting Plateaus With Fractional Plates

    Recently, I've been using fractional plates from The Friendly Swede to get stronger, overcome plateaus, and work around the herniated disk and broken vertebra that have plagued me for the last 10 years. These kinds of injuries are a real pain in the ass in general and even more so when lifting weights is one of my favorite things in the world. But lately, driven by my current bulking mentality, I've said “screw it” and have been focusing all of my efforts on regaining lost…

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  • denim hacks muscular big thighs

    Denim Hacks for Guys with Muscular Thighs

    Last March, I had the pleasure of attending StyleCon, an annual gathering for men’s brands, bloggers, and style enthusiasts alike in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re looking to get business contacts, grow your brand, make new, like-minded friends, or…

  • ale="reasons to squat"

    8 Reasons to Squat (Frequently)

    Whether you're male or female, looking to gain or lose weight, improve athletic performance, or just boost your aesthetics, squatting should be the center piece of your routine. Squatting often divides…

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