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    A Guide to Buying and Wearing Shorts for Men

    Mens shorts buying guide

    There's a lot of hate surrounding shorts in the world of men's style.

    Tom Ford, the famous designer, has been quoted saying something to the effect of “shorts are to never be worn outside of the tennis court.”

    All due respect to Tom Ford, I say fuck that!

    While I do take pride in being appropriately dressed, I also have a fundamental problem with ignoring practicality.

    So I drink water when I'm thirsty, wear a parka when it's bitterly cold, and damn…

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  • best summer shoes for men

    The 5 Best Summer Shoes for Men

    As much as I love boots, denim, and heavy sweaters, I still emerge from every Chicago winter longing for spring.

    During the winter, I have to spend five minutes tying boots…

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