MTailor Review: Is Your Phone Better than a Tailor?

MTailor Review

By the time I first heard of MTailor, an app ( iOS | Android ) that claims to provide results better than those of a tailor, I'd reached a peak of total frustration with off-the-rack clothes.

Even before my current round of bulking, my athletic shape often meant a constant struggle to find clothes that fit without extensive tailoring.

After gaining a few more pounds, well-fitted clothing is even harder to come by and it's been beyond annoying.

Fed up with clothing for the masses, I started reaching out left and right to custom clothiers, eager to test the custom waters for myself.

Though the MTailor claims seemed to good to be true, I was psyched when they responded to me with a credit for one shirt, on the house!

What is MTailor?

MTailor is a custom clothing company that exclusively uses a smartphone app ( iOS | Android ) which takes your measurements to create custom shirts, trousers, and suits.

Specifically, the app uses the front camera on your smartphone to scan your body rather than using a traditional tape measure.

All you have to do is stand in front of your camera (raising your hands in the “freeze, scum bag!” position), rotate in a circle, and tailored clothes magically show up at your door a few weeks later.

It sounds crazy, I know.

And let me tell you, I was extremely skeptical.

The MTailor claim

How can an app possibly replace the time honored practice of tailoring, you ask?

On their website, MTailor makes a few, let's say, lofty statements.

“Get measured by your phone in under 30 seconds for perfect fitting custom clothing.”


“Your phone's camera is now 20% more accurate than a professional tailor.”

And they do all of this for a starting price of $69 OR….

$49 if you use my promo code ironandtweed2017 to get $20 off your first purchase.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

The MTailor process

With my shirt credit in hand, I was super pumped to get the ball rolling.

I downloaded the app on my iPhone and got to work on this very straight forward process.

mtailor review

To order your custom clothes, all you have to do is:

  • Select your item
  • Choose your fabric,
  • and review the photos.

mtailor review

Then, select your:

  • Collar preference
  • Sleeve cuff type
  • Whether you'll wear it tucked or untucked,
  • and the overall fit

Depending on how quickly you can make decisions,  the design process can be completed in under a minute.

The Measuring Process

Next, it's time for measuring using the MTailor app ( iOS | Android ). They suggest wearing fitted clothes or doing this in your underwear.

  1. Set your phone on the floor, leaning against a wall with the screen facing you.
  2. To find the correct angle, tilt the phone until two bars line up on the screen (similar to a carpenter's level).
  3. Next, walk backwards until your body is inside a box on the screen.
  4. Then, raise your arms and follow the prompt to turn in a circle.

On the subject of getting measured, my wife actually offered me a pair of her yoga pants to retain some form of modesty. My response?

“No thanks, I'll keep my dignity and do this in my underwear.”

In any case, the footage is deleted after they have your measurements, so I'm not worried that video of me in my skivvies is going to pop up on the internet.

However, after the measuring process, my enthusiasm began to shrink.

Doubts and concerns were rattling around in my head:

“That's it?…There's no way that worked…What if my beard throws off the neck size?”

Gotta admit, I was feeling pretty grim that this could be a realistic option for custom clothes at a reasonable price for my readers.

And then my shirt arrived.

The finished MTailor product

Well, gentleman, it works.

The damn thing works.

The machines are taking over, Skynet has become self-aware, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to start peeling off his skin to reveal the machine underneath.

Okay, maybe it's not that dramatic, but seriously, my camera phone just did the job of a tailor and I'm actually pleased with the finished product!

The quality

mtailor review shirt quality

Great quality for the price point.

I actually haven't found a single quality issue to take points away.

The seams are neat and even, the fabric feels durable, and all of the buttons are securely attached.

However, at only $49 (when you use the code ironandtweed2017), you obviously can't expect material, construction, and details to rival $200 bespoke shirts.

The buttons are plastic, not mother of pearl, the material is soft and comfortable, but not the best I've ever felt, and the details don't draw attention, good or bad.

For my MTailor shirt, I opted for a light blue pinpoint, 100% cotton button-up and had expected a casual looking fabric.

So my only disappointment was the fact that the fabric actually has quite a sheen to it (which is indicative of dressier items).

This isn't inherently bad, but had I known the shirt would be a more formal material, I would have opted for a more elegant collar design.

But it's still a good shirt at a great price.

The fit

MTailor review shirt fit

This obviously doesn't fit as close to my body as photos you may see in magazines and ads, but it's just about as fitted as I've found to be practical in real life.

Anytime I have a shirt tighter than this, it looks great while standing at attention – but if I move, inhale deeply, or have a big lunch, the whole look goes to shit.

And considering that I do all three of those things on a daily basis, I'll stick with this comfortably fitted look.

Also, the shinier cloth reflects light and makes the wrinkles seem much more pronounced than other shirts in a more matte fabric.

However, the body could probably stand to be taken slightly and the arms may be a tad long. But neither are of great enough concern to send the shirt back.

When I reorder, I may have them dial the fit in a little more.


You can typically expect to wait 4 weeks to receive your delivery.

It may sound like a long wait, but that's pretty standard with online MTM and there are tailors in my city with longer turn-around times than that, unless you pay a $30+ rush fee.

A series of unfortunate events

Funny story – the first time I laid hands on my shirt, it was actually soaked in beer!

After putting together the pieces, I've worked out exactly where things went awry.

My package was delivered on the Friday of St. Patrick's Day weekend, to the wrong address, onto a stoop that's a favorite smoking spot for the local drunks just a few buildings away.

I was out of town the entire weekend in Atlanta (at the fantastic StyleCon 2016!) and didn't get the package until my maintenance guy left it in my lobby after finding it on Monday morning.

During the course of raging St. Patty's festivities, my package got trampled, sat in a puddle of beer for the entire weekend and, through a tiny pinhole in the packaging, wicked up the liquid until my shirt was almost completely wet.

Now, I have to note, this wasn't negligence on the part of MTailor and I'm sure I'm the first and only guy to have this happen.

On the bright side, my contact at MTailor has informed me that they're going to start double bagging all their shipments now.

After hanging the shirt to dry, it was no worse for wear.

At least I can be confident that they make a durable party shirt!

My favorite things about MTailor

My own amazement with the technology set aside, this was an objectively positive buying experience.

  • It was extremely easy, and I'm not very tech savvy.
  • It was quick, with the actual measuring process taking less than a minute.
  • Free shipping to the US and Canada.
  • It's a fantastic value.
  • 100% money back guarantee. If you don't love it, they'll remake the item or refund your money.

Bottom line

If you have trouble finding shirts that fit properly and are looking to dip your feet into the world of MTM, I don't think there's a better place to start.

For $69, or $49 if you use the promo code ironandtweed2017 to get $20 off your first purchase, you can start to flesh out your wardrobe with clothes that actually fit.

And since they offer free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee, the worst thing that can happen is that you have to send the shirt back if it doesn't fit.

So give MTailor a shot.

Download the app for  iOS or Android.

All the best,


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