Layrite Super Hold Pomade Review

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After my last haircut, I asked my barber for a product recommendation. He sent me home with two jars of Layrite Super Hold, a high hold, medium shine, water-soluble pomade, and I've been enjoying the results ever since.

This pomade's claim to fame is being “scientifically formulated to hold like wax, yet, wash out like a gel.” Specifically, Layrite Super Hold is intended to be used on curly, course, and thick hair. Below is a break-down of the product's characteristics, my experience, and a few bonus tips.

Scent and Appearance

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Twist the lid and you're instantly welcomed by a soft, sweet, and sugary aroma with hints of vanilla and marshmallow. I bought two jars – one for my hair and one to eat. Not really, but it was a serious struggle not to taste it. It really does smell that good.

As you can see from the picture, the product is a pleasing orange color, but what the photo doesn't really capture is the transparency. It's not quite as clear as Jello, but close.


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Like solidified hair gel. Slightly thick and sticky.


If you're applying to dry hair, it does pull a little. On the other hand, when applying to damp hair, it spreads fairly easily and allows a generous work time before it “sets”.

Feel free to ignore the suggestions on the jar to apply to wet hair and blow dry to get a “higher hold and lower shine.”  If I want to add height, I blow dry first and then apply the pomade and style.


I'd say the claim of being a medium shine product is spot-on. It doesn't give an oil slick shine, but it isn't like a matte paste either. It's a nice happy medium.


With a name like Layrite Super Hold, this part better be good. As it turns out, it is. I've been out walking in 20+ mph winds and my style only gave a slight wiggle under the stress. No need to restyle once I was back indoors.


If you do manage to to do serious harm to your style by wearing a hat or pulling an all-nighter, running a wet comb through your hair will bring it back to its former glory.


Provided you don't run your fingers through your hair or get caught in the rain, this product should easily last through a normal day.

Wash Out

Like most water-based styling products, Layrite Super Hold will rinse out easily with plain water. Couldn't be easier than that.


I didn't like this product as much when my hair was longer, around five or six inches in length. There always seemed to be pieces flying away, but after getting it cut to under 4 inches, I realized the product's potential. As my hair is getting longer again, I'm finding it slightly less effective.

My Experience with Layrite Super Hold

Option #1 – You can use this product like a gel in a “set it and forget it” manner. For this, it's best to apply a generous amount to damp hair, comb into your desired style, and leave it alone. This should leave you with a clean, professional look that'll last all day.

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Option #2 – Use it as a flexible hold styling product. To do this, apply a smaller amount to dry hair and style with your fingers. Once the product is dry, you can run your fingers through it a few time to soften the hold and break up the shine. Now you've got a flake free, flexible style for a more casual appearance.

The photo below shows my style at the end of a long day after I've run my fingers through about a hundred times. It feels sort of waxy and will conform to whatever shape I want at this point.

alt="layrite super hold soft look"


Bonus Tips

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  1. Although not specifically designed for it, this product makes a great mustache wax. It creates a sleek, high hold style that's perfect for a sharp handlebar. As I mentioned above, with a smell as pleasant as this, I couldn't imagine a better place to use it than under my nose.
  2. If you find the product a little sticky,  you can add a few drops of water before rubbing your hands together. This will ease the application and delay the drying time, allowing you a larger window in which to work.
  3. If you want to add height to your style, get to know your way around a blow dryer. This isn't something I was eager to try (or openly admit), but the results can be outstanding. If I try to skip this step, I sometimes end up looking like a drowned rat.

The Final Verdict

If I could choose only one styling product (why I imagine scenarios like this, I'll never know), Layrite Super Hold could very well be the one I'd choose. I wasn't entirely sold on it at first and almost returned the second jar.  Before I made the return, I decided to take some time to experiment a little and found two methods that work very well, creating two different looks with one product.

(If you're looking for another product to try, read my Guide to Murray's Pomade. This stuff is the real-deal, grease pomade and can be picked up for about $3).

Overall, I would give Layrite Super Hold a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!

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  • Reply
    January 28, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    I love this stuff. I used to use Dax wave and groom but it was very messy trying to wash it out. Layrite gives a great hold and controls even my thick wavy hair. Pity it’s so hard to get in Europe.

    • Reply
      January 29, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      It’s a great product, make sure to stock up when you do find it. If you want to still use Dax, read my article on Murray’s Pomade to get some clean up tips. Since writing that article, I’ve found a way to completely wash grease pomade out of my hair with a single step. I’m thinking of doing a Youtube video.

  • Reply
    Harry Fowler
    June 13, 2015 at 5:11 am

    I’ve been using this stuff for about 6 months now and I love it. It was perfect for my hair when It was shorter. However I have decided to have a go at growing my hair out. I’m only 19 and have quite curly/ wavy hair, and have decided to give the beard and hair a grow.
    Do you have any tips on maintaining a good look while you grow your hair out?
    I’m still using the Layrite daily, but my hair is getting to the point where it’s just all volume and not much else.

    P.S. I only discovered your site a few months back and am loving your stuff. Keep it up!

    • Reply
      June 14, 2015 at 12:21 pm

      I feel you, the high hold of Layrite just doesn’t work as well on longer hair. To help spread the Layrite, you could apply it to damp hair or mix in your hands with a few drops of water to thin it down a bit.

      As your hair gets longer you’ll want to find yourself a light pomade or creme. When my hair was longer I used American Crew Forming Cream. It’ll give you a decent hold but doesn’t really “set” into place like Layrite – you can re-style with your fingers.

      If that’s still too much of a hold for you, look for a cream in a bottle vs. a puck. It’ll be thinner and give you a more natural look.

      I so glad you like my site! I have plenty more coming including a review for Suavecito Pomade. It’s similar to Layrite, but a little thinner. It may be a good next step for you.

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