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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Classic Gifts

Father's Day gift guide

Considering that I'll be receiving a gift as well as giving this year, I thought it only appropriate that I roll out a Father's Day gift guide to help you traverse the slippery gift-giving slopes for dear old Dad.

If you've read anything on my site, you'll know that I'm not a fan of gimmicky junk and I wouldn't recommend any gifts that will require Pops to fake an appreciative smile.

The items on this list are ones that I've carefully selected.

I actually own most of them, and in the other cases, wouldn't mind shelling out the cash for these goods.

My Father's Day Gift Picks

For the Beardsman – Beard oil by Beardbrand

If your father has had a beard since before you were born, chances are he never got into the habit of using beard oil. This year, introduce him to the luxury that comes with properly hydrated facial hair, not to mention some wonderful scents Mom will appreciate.

For the Clean-shaven Dad – Shave kit by The Art of Shaving    

Now, if dad is more of a daily shaver, help him treat his face right with this shaving kit. With this, he'll be able to turn a boring, old routine into a much anticipated ritual.

For the Well-prepared Man – Pocket knife by Spyderco or Flashlight by Fenix

For the dad who's ready for anything, even if “anything” happens to be slicing an apple or opening a letter. This pocket knife is the best bang for your buck, looks fantastic, and is the perfect size and shape for carrying everyday.

If your father isn't the knife-carrying type, I've still got you covered.  Whether it's destined for the glovebox, junk drawer, or camping gear, a good flashlight is never an unwelcome gift. This particular flashlight is small enough to be carried in your pocket, bright enough to illuminate an entire room and, on low, will last over 27 hours with a single AAA battery.

For the Academic Fountain pen by Kaweco

For the father who values the old ways (even if he isn't that old). There's something extremely satisfying about hearing a fountain pen scratch across paper as you dominate your To-Do list. Give Dad the gift of classic elegance and watch this pen become envied by all who lay eyes upon it. Complete the gift with a cool notebook and ink cartridges.

EXTRA CREDIT:  For the history buff, go in with your siblings and get Dad an incredibly cool and unique gift – a fountain pen made of wood from a historic landmark such as The White House.

For the Homebody – Slippers by J. Crew

What does every hardworking man need after a long day on the job? To settle into his favorite armchair with a beer or a  bourbon in a comfortable pair of slippers. This model from L.L. Bean is crafted from fine leather, including the uppers, insole, outsole, and lining. They'll mold to his feet perfectly – it takes lounging to a whole new level.

For the Java Enthusiast – Coffee maker by Chemex 

Sure, he could just keep using the automatic coffee pot, but it isn't anywhere near as fun as a Chemex and doesn't produce a quality cup quite like this pour-over. Don't forget a box of filters, the auto-drip ones won't work with this.

For the Handyman – Tool bag by Klein Tools 

Help Dad keep all of his tools organized by giving him a handsome tool bag this year. This bag doesn't just look awesome, it's a performer, too. Klein is a favorite of Pipe Fitters and Iron Workers everywhere. It's the real deal.

For the New Dad Commando Dad by Neil Sinclair

Every new father could use a crash course in parenting, and Commando Dad provides a much-needed basic training manual for the first three years of fatherhood. This is a great gift for the man you know who's on his first Father's Day – pairs nicely with a bottle of whiskey.

Father's Day Gift Boxes

If you're feeling lost in the search for finding that perfect gift, let the professionals at Man Crates or Bespoke Post do what they do best.

father's day man crates

Man Crates – These guys put together crates to supply dad with everything he needs for activities like grilling, brewing beer, hosting poker night, and more.  If Dad's a fan of The Walking Dead, go in with your siblings and get him the Zombie Annihilation Crate. Did I mention these gifts will show up at his door in an actual crate that he can open with the supplied crowbar?

father's day bespoke post

Bespoke Post – For the father who enjoys the finer things in life, hook him up with a carefully selected gift box from Bespoke Post. You can select a one-time gift option or a subscription and choose cool themed boxes for activities like auto detailing, cocktail crafting, shoe shining, and shaving. No matter what his interests, you're sure to find something your dad will love. Check out my full review of the Bespoke Post experience here.

Happy hunting and Happy Father's Day!

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