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3 Great Tasting Vanilla Protein Shake Recipes With Red Supplements Whey

Vanilla Protein Shake Recipes

Sometimes I don't care about having the best tasting protein powder.

When I buy from bulk companies like MyProtein, the protein tastes good enough, but I tend to slam those shakes as fast as possible.

Cheap protein powders are simply utilitarian and useful for increasing protein intake, not for true enjoyment.

But when I want to get creative with a shake that's as good as a dessert, I break out the Red Supplements whey.

On top of being the best tasting whey protein I've found, it:

  • Is made in the USA
  • Uses milk from grass-fed dairy cows
  • Has no artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Is all-natural and GMO-free
  • Has 24g protein per serving

Here are my three favorite vanilla protein shake recipes using the delicious Red Supplements Vanilla Ice Cream flavor as a base.

Horchata Vanilla Protein Shake

vanilla protein shake horchata

I've been a big fan of Horchata since I was a kid and I'm kicking myself for not making it into a protein shake until recently.

You could make your own horchata by soaking rice in water with cinnamon sticks overnight, straining, and adding spices and sugar. But I rely on the speed and simplicity of the pre-made powder.



Add the whey, horchata mix, milk, and water to your blender and blend on high until thoroughly mixed, about 30 seconds.

Blend again with 3-5 ice cubes to achieve a smoothie-like texture.

Tip – For the gym bag version, just mix the protein powder and horchata mix in a ziplock bag. Then you can toss the powder into your shaker for post workout carbs and protein, no blender required.



Root Beer Float Vanilla Protein Shake

vanilla protein shake root beer float

There's no reason this summer favorite can't be adapted to bodybuilding.

Use diet root beer and vanilla frozen yogurt if you're focusing on fat loss or regular soda and ice cream if you need to pack in some extra calories.


  • 1 Scoop Red Supplements Vanilla Ice Cream Whey
  • 3 oz milk
  • 1/2 Cup vanilla ice cream
  • 3-5 ice cubes
  • 1 can of your favorite Root Beer


Blend milk and protein powder on low until thoroughly mixed, about 30 seconds.

Next, add ice cream and blend until smooth.

Blend again with one or two ice cubes at a time until you get an ice cream-like texture.

Pour your ice cream shake and can of root beer into a glass at the same time to get even distribution.

This shake is thick, so don't forget a wide straw!

And if you need more calories, top the shake with another scoop of ice cream.



Creamsicle Vanilla Protein Shake

vanilla protein shake dreamsicle

Popsicles are great, but with next to no protein in them, they aren't helping muscle gains.

So I prefer to make my own version of a Creamsicle spiked with whey.



Add whey, gatorade powder, milk, and water into your blender and blend on high until thoroughly mixed, about 30 seconds.

Blend again with 3-5 ice cubes to achieve a smoothie-like texture.

Tip – Add just the whey and Gatorade powder to a baggie and mix in a shaker cup post workout, skipping the blender all together.



Make The Best Tasting Vanilla Protein Shakes

If you're going to have a protein supplement as part of your everyday diet, you might as well enjoy it.

If you've read my articles on If It Fits Your Macros, you'll know that having a soda, scoop of ice cream, or a little added sugar won't hurt you as long as the rest of your diet is in line.

This added sugar can even be beneficial if it's timed right after your workout.

Let me know what you think of these vanilla recipes and check out my Chocolate Mass Gainer Shake Recipes for more ideas.

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All the best,


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